Obsolete Products

This is a list of what we still have available.  Some of these boards were never sold as kits so we do not have assembly instructions.  However a parts list and parts placement is included in the user manual.  Note these boards are sold as is, (assembled boards - worked when shipped, will only replace if DOA on receipt.)

FD-1   FD2  Floppy Controllers for SS50 Box - Bare boards available

PT69-3  Single board 6809 1MHZ - Completed boards and bare boards available

PT69-4A 6809 CPU, 1MHZ, 4 Serial Ports, Designed for OS9 uses non-standard IO addresses

PT69-5 6809 CPU 2 MHZ, 56K static memory, floppy controller, 4 serial, 1 parallel, Port for WD1002-HDO Controller - Completed boards and bare boards available

PT68K1A - 68008 Board - bare boards available

PT68K2 68000 board, 1MB memory ,ISA ports - very limited quality of bare boards (2 boards)

PT68K4 68000 board 4MB - Not available

PT68K5/CDS68020 - 68020 CPU, bare boards, group purchase required for kits/assembled boards


Some of these products were assembled and then later stripped of their IC's, PT69-3, PT68K1, PT68K1A. There are a limited number of  stripped boards available.