DC-2 SWTPC Floppy Disk Controller

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DC-2 With soldermask and Silkscreen

Reproduction DC-2 without soldermask and silkscreen.  We were unable to scan this board without glare.

This is a picture of a vintage SWTPC DC-2 board.

Assembled DC-2 Reproduction with soldermask and silkscreen


The reproduction was produced from copying an original SWTPC bare board.

It has been produced in two versions.  One version has a soldermask and silkscreen.  This is a upgrade as SWTPC did not make the DC-2 with a soldermask and silkscreen.  The other version is just as SWTPC made the board with no soldermask and silkscreen.  There is a small "reproduction" on the artwork so the board cannot be confused with an original board.

This was the replacement for the DC-1 controller board. It corrected a few errors (such as the 100pfd capacitor on Write Data line) and changed the data buffers from the DM8835 to the 74LS242.

Product Summary


Click Here to download DC-2 Assembly Instructions


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DC-2 Bare DC-2 - No soldermask or Silkscreen $10
DC-2S Bare DC-2 - With soldermask and silkscreen $10
DC-2A Assembled DC-2, Special order,  email for availability $90

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