SWTPC MP-S2 RS232 Serial Board

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For comparison here is an original SWTPC MP-S2 board. 




Differences between the Original and Reproduction



The MP-S2 has been tested for fitment in a SWTPC S09 system.  It fits the same as the SWTPC board

The MP-S2 is currently only available as a bare board.  The metal bracket that mounts to the DB25 connector and bolts to the SWTPC cabinet is not available.  We hope to have a reproduction of the bracket at a later date.


MP-S2 AssemblyInstructions.pdf  Original SWTPC MP-S2 instructions

MP-S2_Schematic.jpg  Original SWTPC Schematic

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Price List Hardware

MP-S2-Bare MP-S2 Bare Board $7

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