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These boards came to be reproduced due to an accident I had when testing an FD2 controller. I had an FD2 plugged into an SS-30 extender board.  While adjusting the data separator, I dropped the screwdriver I was using.  It bounced around and ultimately fell across a 120V connection and pins on the mother board.  Traces were vaporized, chips exploded, and almost all of the chips on the various SS-50 and SS-30 boards were destroyed.  My system was not in great shape even before the accident.  I had to rock the CPU board most of the time before I could get the system to start.  It became apparent I needed new or at least used boards in much better condition than what I had.  There were no SWTPC boards for sale on EBAY at the time, and the only source of boards I could find were not exactly a close match of SWTPC products.  I finally acquired a used SS-50 MB, and after much effort I got my CPU board running although many traces had been vaporized.  I ended up first making a reproduction of the MP-B3 mother board which was intended for 6809 boards and SWTPC's later style cabinets.  However my cabinet was a 6800/6809 hybrid cabinet that was shipped between the 6800 cabinets with the screen top and the later 6809 style cabinets.  My case had an MB-B2 mother board modified by SWTPC to use a MP-09 CPU board.   My second mother board was a new design mother board with MP-B or MP-B2 mounting holes but contained circuitry close to what was used on the MP-B3 mother board.  I made changes so that with moving a few shunts the board could be used for either a 6800 or 6809 CPU board. From this point I have replicated more of SWTPC's boards or in some cases designed completely new boards.


The purpose of these reproduction boards is to closely match SWTPC's design and appearance, not to make massive improvements in the original design.  The changes to these boards are minor and mostly consist of  these boards being solder-masked on both sides and silk-screened on the top. In a few cases extra pads were included to accommodate the closer lead spacing on today's parts. The goal was to be able to plug one of these reproduction boards in place of an original SWTPC board and not notice any difference in how it operates.

With these boards it is possible to replace damaged and poor working boards in a SWTPC system that have become rather difficult to find in good condition today.  It would be possible to build a complete SWTPC style system if you desire.


These are the boards that are available now.  There are others in the works.

SS50 and SS30 Boards  These are both Reproduction and PT boards

 6800 MP-A2 SS50 Reproduction SWTPC MP-A2 6800 CPU Board

for SWTPC SS50 6800 Computer

Available in 1 MHZ and 2 MHZ boards


 6809 MP-09B SS50 Reproduction SWTPC MP-09B 6809 CPU Board

For SWTPC SS50 6809 Computer

Available in 1 MHZ and 2 MHZ boards

PT-B2 Product Page Replacement Mother Board for SWTPC MP-B2

Has same mounting holes as SWTPC MP-B and MP-B2

Fits original SWTPC 6800 Cabinet

Has onboard Baud Rate generator

Can be used with 6800 or 6809 CPU

6809 can use S0-S3 for A16-A19 to support 1MB memory on SS50 BUS

Configures with shunts to quickly change from 4 addresses to 16 address per IO slot

8 SS30 and 7 SS-50 slots

MP-B3R Reproduction of MP-B3 Mother Board

Has same mounting holes as MP-B3

Fits SWTPC 6809 Cabinet with removable IO card covers on back.

Has Baud Rate Generator on Mother Board

Feed SS30 baud rates from Mother board or CPU board.

Allows S0-S3 to be used for A16-A19 to support 1MB memory on SS50 BUS

8  SS-30 slots and 8  SS-50 slots

$145 - Assembled - ready to install - with power wiring


MP-MB Motherboard Reproduction of MP-MB Motherboard

Used in SWTPC S/09 Computer System

This Motherboard requires MP-ID board.

The MP-MB and MP-ID were used mostly in UNI-FLEX systems.

SBUG and FLEX were also available.

$70 - Bare Board, $150 Assembled

MP-ID  Reproduction MP-ID Interface Driver Board

Used only with MP-MB Motherboard.

Baud rate generator for SS30 slots

Parallel Printer Interface

6840 Timer

S50-PT-64K Product Page 64K Memory Board for 6800  or 6809 Systems

Cannot be used in systems that support more than 64K Memory

Memory can be disabled in 4K blocks at 8000, 9000, A000, B000, C000 and D000

PT-SS50-1MB Product Page 1MB Memory board for 6809 systems with extended addressing

Memory from 80000 to FFFFF can be disabled in 64K blocks

Board provides 896K of memory for SWTPC S09 system. The maximum supported.

$39 Assembled

$14 - Bare board + PAL


S30-IDE Product Page

SS30 IDE Controller board

SD Adapter plugs directly into SS30-IDE card and clears top of SWTPC cabinet

Modified S-Bug boots FLEX9 on 6809 systems

Modified SWTBUG boots FLEX2 on 6800 systems

FD-1 Product Page FD-1 SS30 Bus Floppy Controller Board

for SWTPC SS50 6800 Computer

4 Addresses per IO slot


DC-2 Product Page

Reproduction SWTPC DC-2 Floppy Disk Controller

This board uses a WD1771

This board is for single sided, single density drives


DC-3 Floppy controller Reproduction of SWTPC DC-3 Floppy controller

Uses WD1771 floppy controller chip

This board supports double sided single density drives

Coming Soon

FD-2 Product Page FD-2 S30 Bus Floppy Disk Controller

Supports double sided/double density drives

For SWTPC SS50 6800 6809 Computer

For an update version of this board use the FD-2A



FD-2A Product Page


Updated version of FD-2

Same specs as FD-2; updated for easier to obtain IC's

Configurable for 4 or 16 addresses per IO slot

FLEX 2 Drivers are available  to support double sided/double density drives

FLEX 9 - Boots SWTPC FLEX with no driver changes

SS50-EXT SS50 Extender Board

For SS50 based computer systems

Price $26

SS30-EXT SS30 Extender Board

For SS50 based computer systems

Board is a new layout with ground plane, solder mask and silkscreen

Price $20

MP-C SWTPC Reproduction MP-C Serial board

Used only with 6800 systems

MP-L SWTPC Reproduction MP-L Parallel Board

Used in SWTPC 6800 systems.

Bare Board $7

Assembled $39

MP-LA SWTPC Reproduction MP-LA Parallel Board

Improved MP-L

PIA Data lines are selectable as either outputs or inputs.

Bare $7, ASM $49

MP-L2 Reproduction MP-L2 Parallel Board

This board used in SWTPC 6809 system with slots at rear of cabinet.

Bare Board $10

MP-P SWTPC Reproduction MP-P Power Supply Board

Used in SWTPC 6800 Computers and early 6809 systems that did not have removable rear covers

Use to repair an old system or to create a new PS

$3 - Bare Board

MP-PS SWTPC Reproduction MP-PS Power Supply Board

Used in SWTPC 6809 Computers

Use to repair an old system or to create a new PS

$4 - Bare Board

MP-S SWTPC Reproduction MP-S board

RS232 - Serial Board

$7 - Bare Board

MP-S2 SWTPC Reproduction MP-S2 Board

RS232 - 2 Port Serial Board

$7 - Bare Board

MP-T SWTPC Reproduction MP-T

Timer Board

$7 - Bare Board

PT-S Modern Replacement form MP-S

RS232 Serial Board

PT-SS30-TERM VGA/PS2 keyboard at $E004,  RS232 port at $E000

$7 - Bare Board - Requires a PCKit3 chip programmer. 

$39 - Assembled

PT-146818 RTC for SWTPC  6800 and 6809

1MHZ or 2MHZ Operation

Use with 6800 FLEX, 6809 FLEX or OS9


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