Peripheral Technology PT-B2 Motherboard for SWTPC

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The board was too large for the scanner and not all of the board is shown.  The board has 7 SS50 slots not the 5 show in scan.


This is a replacement motherboard for SWTPC MP-B2.  It can be used in both 6800 and 6809 systems.

This board is not a close reproduction of the SWTPC MP-B2 and has extra features.

PT-B2 has the same mounting holes as SWTPC MP-B and MP-B2

Fits original SWTPC 6800 and early 6809 cabinet.

Has onboard baud rate generator.

Either the MB or CPU board can feed SS30 baud rate lines.  Selectable by shunts.

Can be used with 6800 or 6809 CPU.

6809 can use S0-S3 for A16-A19 to support 1MB memory on SS50 BUS.

Configures with shunts to quickly change from 4 addresses to 16 addresses per IO slot.

Base address of IO is configurable by shunts.  Use 8000 for 6800 and E000 for 6809 system.

Plug in shunt to connect Board Select 5 to UDS3/RS3.  This is necessary when using a floppy controller in slot 6 in 6800 systems. A soldered wire was required in SWTPC motherboards.

Plug in shunt to connect RS2 to Board Select 3.  This is necessary when using an IDE controller in slot 2 in 6800 systems.  A soldered wire was required in SWTPC motherboards.

8 SS30 and 7 SS-50 slots.

Has same power connector as came with SWTPC MP-B and MP-B2 motherboard.



PT-B2 User Manual.pdf  Last Revised 5/22/24


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Price List Hardware

MP-B2-ASM Assembled - with power wiring ready to install. $119
MP-B2-Bare Bare Board $50

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