SS30-IDE IDE Controller for SWTPC 6800/6809/6502

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This is the SD/IDE adapter that can be used with the SS30-IDE board.  It is available from many sources including AMAZON and eBay.


This photo shows the SD/IDE adapter plugged into the SS30-IDE board.  The SD/IDE adapter has a modification so power is fed through the index line.  Otherwise a power cable must be attached to the SD-IDE adapter. The white 4 pin connector next to the voltage regulator can be used to power the SD/IDE adapter on unmodified adapters.  It can also be used to power a GoTek drive if it is not being used to power the SD/IDE adapter.  The power connector cannot be used to power a real floppy as it doesn't supply enough power and will overheat the voltage regulator should you try.  The SS30-IDE and SD-IDE adapter will fit inside an SWTPC case with the top installed.



Ready to boot versions of FLEX for the 6800 and 6809 can be downloaded.  OS9 is also supported. There are drivers for FLEX2 and FLEX9.  The SS30-IDE board should be used with modified S-Bug or SWTBUG ROM.  This allows FLEX to boot directly from the SD memory.  Source code and binaries of  SWTBUG and S-BUG are on the MP-A2 and MP-09 product pages.  A "W" command has been added to SWTBUG and S-BUG.  Pressing the "W" key will boot from SD.

OS9 can be booted from SD. The OS9 ROM attempts to boot from floppy first; if no floppy is inserted the system boots from SD.

The SS30-IDE can be used with either 4 or 16 addresses per IO slot.

For more information about operating system support visit the MP-09B or MP-A2 pages for detailed information on FLEX or OS9.


PT-IDE User Manual. PDF 

Image files for the SD memory can be found in the MP-A2 and MP-09 product pages.

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While the SS30-IDE board is offered as a bare board and assembled without SD memory, SD/IDE adapter and upgraded EPROM,  you should consider the difficulty in obtaining the parts, programming  an EPROM, and copying an image to the SD memory card.   While some may like the challenge, it can be hard to overcome problems should the system not work on power up.

Price List Hardware

ROM images to support the SS30-IDE can be found on the MP-09 and MP-A2 product web page.

SS30-IDE Assembled and tested board only. No SD/IDE adapter, SD memory card and EPROM. $39
SS30-IDE-Board Bare Board $10
PT-SS30-IDE-68-32GB SS30-IDE board with SD/IDE adapter and updated SWTBUG EPROM. SD card with FLEX2 installed. $60
PT-SS30-IDE-69-32GB SS30-IDE board with SD/IDE adapter and updated SBUG EPROM. SD card with FLEX9 installed.

Email "sales" for OS9 boot ROM options


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