Corsham SS30 Extender

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Reproduction Corsham SS30 Extender Board





For those of you using the Corsham SS-50 motherboard and find yourself needing more I/O ports, this board will add an additional six SS–30 ports via a connector already on your motherboard.  This extender simply plugs in and you’ll have the full eight slots available for more I/O boards.  This motherboard has fixed slot addresses and cannot be changed like the two on the SS-50 Motherboard.  When using this extender you should set the slot address on your motherboard to 0 and 1.

The extender plugs into the main motherboard using this connector:

An example of the Extender plugged into the Main Motherboard

An example of a Motherboard with extender.  This system has a SWTPC reproduction MP-09B, PT-64K Memory board, Corsham Serial board and Corsham parallel board with SD card system.


The SS30 extender is available as a bare board or assembled.


There is currently no manual for this board.


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Price List Hardware

C-SS30EXT-Bare Bare Board $18
C-MP-S-ASM Assembled SS30 Extender board $49

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