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These Corsham boards have been reproduced.  These boards allow the creation of a small and cheaper SS50 system.  If you want to build an SS50 system but find the cost of a used SWTPC board set or reproduction too expensive this is the least expensive way to build an SS50 system.

Please be aware that due to the lower number of slots this solution is not the best if you are looking to run more than 2 SS-30 IO boards.  You will need a serial board and the SD card system to have a usable system.  If you want more IO cards it would be better to buy a SWTPC motherboard.  While there is an expansion SS30 board to give  you the full 8 SS30 slots, it would be more expensive than just buying a larger SWTPC reproduction motherboard.  However if you start with the Corsham motherboard and decide you need more SS30 slots at a later date, the SS30 extender does make sense.

The Corsham 64K and 1MB memory boards are not being reproduced.  These boards have been shown to experience problems under some conditions.  Use the PT-SS50-64K and PT-SS50-1MB boards as replacements.

The SS50-6800, SS50-6809 and SS50-6502 processor boards are not being reproduced in their current form and may be released at a later date with improvements.  For now you can use the SWTPC reproduction MP-A2 for a 6800 processor board and the SWTPC reproduction MP-09B for a 6809 processor board.  These boards do not include any onboard RAM like the Corsham processor boards, so you will need to purchase a PT-SS50-64K memory board. 

The SS50-6502 is likely to run faster than the current board.  At least 10MHZ and have on board RAM and EEROM to support this speed. The SS30 access speed will be reduced to 2MHZ to allow commonly available IO boards to be used.

News: 4/17/24 - The Corsham 6800 replacement is now available.  The 6809 replacement processor is undergoing testing and should be available soon. 

NitrOS9  is also being tested. It appears to work but still needs a few things.   The descriptors need some work. Descriptors /dd, /h1, /h2, /h3 don't really allow for reformatting of the SD images.  While "format" does work it only produces about 700 sectors of space.  The startup of the system still needs work. It appears  the Boot ROM attempts to load from the SD shield before the shield is ready and gets hung. It requires a careful resetting of the shield followed by the processor to get NitrOS9 to boot.  While a quick fix would be just to put a timer in the boot rom, wait 20 seconds then boot, a better fix would be a type of test for "ready" for the SD shield.  I can guess the next question - will OS9 run on the Corsham board?  Quick answer - yes.  The drivers for the SD shield, clock and boot rom should be able to be simply inserted in existing OS9 code for the SWTPC. This would have OS9 running on the Corsham 6809 with SD shield.  Part 2 of the answer -  since there is already code for the SWTPC MP-09 for OS9, that code would work on a Corsham 6809 should the Corsham 6809 be installed in an SWTPC system.  The current Corsham motherboard does not have enough slots to support OS9 with existing boards and drivers. A workable SWTPC system needs at least 3 SS30 boards - MP-S serial, FD-2 floppy controller, MC146818 clock board.  For ease of use an SS30-IDE controller should be installed making the need for 4 SS30 boards.


Corsham SS50 Motherboard Corsham Reproduction Motherboard.

3 SS50 slots

2 SS30 slots

Supports 6800 and 6809 processor boards


Corsham SS30 Extender

Reproduction Corsham Extender Board

Add 6 SS30 slots to your Corsham Motherboard

Plugs into your Motherboard

Corsham 6802 Processor Improved Reproduction of Corsham 6800 processor




Corsham SD Card System Corsham SD Mass storage System

Can be used with 6800 and 6809 systems

Corsham SS30 RS232 Serial Corsham Reproduction RS232 Serial board

Can be used with 6800 and 6809 systems

No plus and minus 12V supply needed

Corsham SS30 Parallel Corsham Reproduction Parallel Board

Provides Direct connection to SD Card System

Use with 6800 or 6809 systems

SS30 Proto Board Small SS30 Prototype Board
SS30 Proto Board Large SS30 Prototype Board - Large
SS50 Proto Board SS50 Prototype Board



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