Corsham SS30 Parallel Board

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Reproduction Corsham SS30 Parallel Board MP-L




Differences between the Original and Reproduction:

The major difference in this board from the original board is the use of a ground plane/pour in all open space on the board.  Solder mask was deleted under the voltage regulator to provide better cooling of the voltage regulator.

This is a basic unbuffered parallel interface board with two 8-bit bi-directional ports plus handshake pins for rapid I/O to external devices. 

If you plan on using the SD Card Controller, you should use this board.  A ribbon cable connects the SD system to his board.  The ribbon cable provides power.  This makes for an easy to setup system with no hand wiring of cables necessary.  The unbuffered PIA signal is also connected to a header strip for connection to other devices.  Should you require a buffered input and output look at the SWTPC reproduction MP-L, MP-LA and MP-L2 parallel boards.




Corsham SS30 Parallel Manual.pdf 


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Price List Hardware

C-MP-L Bare Board $8
C-MP-L-ASM Assembled board $29

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