Corsham SS30 Serial Board

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Reproduction Corsham SS30 Serial Board



Differences between the Original and Reproduction:

The major difference in this board from the original board is the use of a ground plane pour in all open spaces on the board.  Solder mask was deleted under the voltage regulator to provide better cooling of the voltage regulator.

This is an SWTBUG/SBUG compatible serial port using an MC6850 ACIA and providing multiple options for connecting to RS-232 devices.  The DB-9 connector is compatible with numerous DB-9 to USB cable converters to allow for quick connection to a PC using a terminal program. There is a Molex connector should you have an original SWTPC RS232 cable.  The DB-9 can be installed in either the top or side position.  For use in an SWTPC 6800 cabinets it must be installed on top.  On an  SWTPC 6809 cabinet the DB-9 can be on the side but a filler plate for the back is not available.


Note that this card only supports RS-232.  It cannot be used with a TTY (Teletype) nor can it be used with a Cassette interface.  The SWTPC MP-S and MP-C serial interface boards are available should you need to support TTY or Cassette interfaces.


Corsham SS30 Serial Manual.pdf 


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Price List Hardware

C-MP-S Bare Board $7
C-MP-S-ASM Assembled board - specify location of DB-9 (top or side) $39

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