SWTPC MP-C Serial Interface for 6800

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New Reproduction of SWTPC MP-C Serial Interface for SWTPC 6800


For comparison here is an original SWTPC MP-C board. 




Differences between the Original and Reproduction



The MP-C was only used with the SWTPC 6800 and was never used with the 6809. This MP-C will work with a 2 MHZ 6800 processor as long as the 6821 is a "B" grade part.

Baud rates are limited to 110 or 300 baud, since RS232 terminals were rare and most of the early 6800 systems were connected to Teletype printers for a terminal.


MP-C AssemblyInstructions.pdf  Original SWTPC MP-C instructions

MP-C_Schematic.pdf  Original SWTPC Schematic

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Price List Hardware

MP-C-Bare MP-C Bare Board $7
MP-C-ASM MP-C Assembled - Only RS232 portion is tested. No testing on teletype and cassette interface $39

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