SS30 Prototype Board Small

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This is a similar board to the Corsham Prototype Board


Differences between this board and the Corsham:

This board was created from a photograph of a Corsham SS30 Small Proto board.  While it's appearance is similar we can't state that it is a reproduction since we did not have a Corsham board to use for comparison.  Therefore it does not have the Corsham name on it.  This board was produced using a ground pour in all of the open areas which the Corsham board did not have. We added a 50 pin header at the top which the Corsham board did not have.  The ground under the voltage regulator is not solder masked to aid in heat transfer from the voltage regulator.


Have you ever wanted to build your own SS-30 board but didn’t have a good platform to build it on?  Enter the small SS30 prototyping board.  Parts can be easily inserted or removed, moved around, pulled completely out, etc.  There is a standard wireless breadboard with ten +5 and 10 Ground connectors, as well as all 30 signals.  Along the bottom the SS-30 signals are labeled with both SS-30 (6800) and SS-30C (6809) signal names.

This board will fit into a real SWTPC chassis, so it’s usable both Corsham's motherboard and in a SWTPC system!

The on-board +5 regulator is a 7805 and has a small heatsink.  The 7805 is good for 1.5 AMP of power but the heat sink is too small for this much power and would over heat at this power level. 



Price List Hardware

SS30-Proto-Small-Bare Bare Board $15
SS30-Proto-Small-ASM Assembled board - No connector is supplied for the 2x25 at the top of the board $45

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