Reproduction Corsham MB for SS50 Systems

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Reproduction Corsham Motherboard

For comparison this is an actual Corsham Motherboard. This is a REV 3 board so there are some differences between this and the REV5 reproduction

Bare board of Reproduction Corsham Motherboard


This is a reproduction of the Corsham SS50 motherboard.  It was produced from original Corsham design files.  One upgrade was made to it however.  A ground pour/plane was added and if you look closely at the bare board you can see the empty areas that are filled in with "ground".  This is a simple addition in the eagle PCB CAD software that was made to reduce electrical noise in the motherboard.  If not for the addition of a ground pour, this board would be identical to the Corsham REV 5 motherboard.

This is Corsham's SS-50/SS-30 motherboard. It was designed to complement their 6800 and 6809 CPU boards and SS-30 peripheral boards.  It is smaller than vintage motherboards, but that’s because fewer slots are needed for a complete system.  If you feel you may made need more slots in the future, please look at the SWTPC reproduction motherboards.

Key Features




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Price List Hardware

C-MB-Bare Motherboard Bare $20
C-MB-ASM Motherboard Assembled $80

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