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 Welcome to Peripheral Technology's retro computer site.  Most of the products in this site were produced by Peripheral Technology from  1978 through the late 90's. With all the recent interest in retro computing I have made these products available again. Some of our products are not available due to lack of bare boards;  these products will still have a product page for historical reference.  Peripheral Technology was founded in 1977 while I was in college.  My first product was the FD-1 floppy disk controller for the SWTPC 6800 computer.  From there I launched many 6809, 68008, 68000 and finally 68020 based computer boards.  There are limited amounts of these products available. The quantity is determined by the remaining number of bare boards, and to some extent, the availability of  components that have not been made in over 30 years.   In a few cases we may have more boards made of some of our popular products. In most cases,  assembled board orders will be built after they are ordered.  While a few boards are in stock, turn around time will typically be around two to three weeks from receipt of order for boards not in stock.

To order product, send a list of what you wish to purchase and the ship to address to, I will email you ordering information and shipping cost.  I am retired now and not always around but I generally respond to email within a couple of days.

Frederic Brown


New Products - Corsham Reproduction Boards

SS-50 Motherboard

SS30 Extender Serial Board


SD Card System


These and other Corsham Reproduction SS30/50 Boards - Corsham Reproduction Boards

New Products - Reproduction SWTPC Boards and other new SS30 and SS50 boards

PT-146818 RTC




MP-MB used in SWTPC S/09 Systems


These and other SS30/50 boards - SWTPC 6800/6809 Reproduction Boards


Product Line - In order of Release Date


FD-1 Product Page FD-1 SS30 Bus Floppy Controller Board

for SWTPC SS50 6800 Computer

Released 1978

SS50-EXT SS50 Extender Board

For SS50 based computer systems

Released 1978 - Low production -  about 20 boards - single sided, no solder mask and silkscreen

Current board is a new layout with ground plane, solder mask and silkscreen

Price $26 + Shipping

SS30-EXT SS30 Extender Board

For SS50 based computer systems

Released 1978 - Low production -  about 20 boards - single sided, no solder mask and silkscreen

Current board is a new layout with ground plane, solder mask and silkscreen

Price $20 + Shipping

FD-2 Product Page FD-2 S30 Bus Floppy Disk Controller

For SWTPC SS50 6800 6809 Computer

Released 1983

  PT69 PT69 Single Board Computer

Used SWTPC Address Map

Released 1984

See PT69-3 for description

  PT69-2 PT69-2 Single Board Computer

Minor corrections to PT69 - no new features

Released around 1985 - no documentation survived

PT69-3 PT69-3 Single Board Computer - PT69-2 + plug in support for WD1002

6809, floppy controller, 59K memory, 2 serial ports, 1 parallel port, clock chip

Optional support of WD1002 Hard disk controller board.

Released 1986

  PT69-4 PT69-4

Industrial Version of PT69-3 Added 2 additional serial ports for a total of 4

I/O moved to higher address to allow for more RAM

Released 1986

PT69-5/A Product Page


PT69-5 Single Board Computer - Updated 2022 to PT69-5A - Changed WD1002 to IDE port.

2MHZ, 6809, FDC, 59K Static memory, 4 serial ports, 1 parallel port, WD1002-HDO Port, clock chip, Centronics Printer Port

Released 1986

PT68K1 MC68008 10 MHZ Single Board Computer, 768K DRAM, FDC, Port for HD

Released 1986

PT68K1A Product Page MC68008 12MHZ Single Board Computer - PT68K1 + 2 extra serial ports, better clock

Released 1987

PT68K2 Product Page MC68000 - 8,10 or 12MHZ, 1MB DRAM, XT expansion slots

Released 1987

New Boards produced May 2021

Boards are Shiping

Limited Production - 7 boards remaining

PT68K4 PT68K4 - MC68000 - 16MHZ - 4MB DRAM, XT expansion slots

Released 1990


ALT86 ALT86 - 8086 Processor - plugged into XT slot of PT68K2, PT68K4 or CDS68020

Allowed for use of MSDOS

Released 1991

PT68K5 Product Page CDS/68020 Computer Design Services


At time of release supported up to 8MB of memory, 128MB in 2020

68020 based board with XT/AT slots

Software - OS9, REX

Released 1992


ConvertsWD1002-HDO port to IDE port

Released 2020

FD-3765 FD-3765

Floppy Disk Controller - Intended for use with IMB disk image software

May be used with PT68K2 to allow use of 1.4MB drives or GoTek emulator

Released 2020


IDE Controller for XT Slot

Versions for PT68K2/4 and PT68K5

Released 2020


Converts AT/PS2 keyboard for use with PT68K4 and PT68K5

Released 2020


Terminal for RS232 Port - Use with PC keyboard and VGA monitor

VGA-TERM-USB - VGA and USB keyboard

VGA-TERM-PS/2 -VGA and PS/2 Keyboard

Released 2020


FD-2A Product Page

Replacement for Sold out FD2

Same specs as FD-2, updated for easier to obtain IC's

Introduced May, 2021



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